Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thinking of thanks

 < Loved the golden hued linens for our Thanksgiving meal! >

Here is one last post about Thanksgiving this year- I just have to share some of what the day looked like, because I am so happy about it!  We hosted 22 people (a combination of family from both sides, and friends), and had one of the greatest days ever.  Because of all the help I had before that day, and during that day (thanks, wonderful helpers!), everything went smoothly and came off without a hitch!  We rented a few extra tables, cleared out the largest room in our house to accommodate for seating, were lucky enough to have some kind friends loan us beautiful linens, and took advantage off all the fall decorations which were already up to provide a Thanksgiving ambience.  Due to the number of dishes we might have used that day, we opted for recyclable paper plates with lovely little autumn theme- there was quite the hunt for these one day, but luckily we found enough of them!  We had the turkey brining for 2 days before the meal, and it was really one of the best tasting turkeys we have had in a while.  The food was all set up buffet-style in our kitchen (which my hostess brain failed to take a picture of!) but this made for a good traffic flow for all 22 guests, and we served dessert separately in the dining room.  House tours were given, corn hole competitions were enjoyed in the beautiful sunshine, everyone had their fill after the turkey meal, and there were really not too many leftovers at the end of it all!  It was such a great day, and the memories we made that day, plus the photos that were snapped, are going to be treasured.  

 < Another shot of our table centerpieces, inspired by Pinterest >

 < The pie table, all ready for the deliciousness to arrive >

 < My man and my grandpa, carving up the bird >

< A panoramic shot of our decorated dining space, thanks to a friend's phone! >

< Gram's beautiful, hard working hands getting ready to slice up some pie >

And, to kick off this season of giving and gifting, here is the first of a few gift guides I am excited to share over the next few weeks!

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  1. Beautiful setting for what I'm sure was a delicious feast! The living room looks amazing (and so does the turkey)! Gobble gobble...