Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fiesta in fall decor

< Hay there!  On the front porch! >

Even though fall has not really fallen in my neck of the woods, the autumn decorations have gone up around our house!  Last week as I was doing my thing, my sweet grandma unpacked all the fall decor and decorated with pumpkins, fall blooms, and autumn colors.  She is so creative and talented, and all of the little vignettes she sweetly placed around the house bring an instant smile to my face.  The other bonus about the gift of decorating that my grandma gave me- I totally have new inspiration for ways to use my fall decoration supplies (you can see last year's fall decorations here)! So thank you Gram, for all of these sweet decorations!  And for all of you wonderful 3P pretties, I hope you enjoy these decorations as much as I do!

< An autumn welcome at the front door >

< Sunflowers as an inviting fall welcome >

< A witch hat, a Boo! wreath, and fall blooms in the front entryway >

< I just love this floral display that my talented grandma created >

 < Fall decorations brighten up the back hallway >

 < A thin little garland and some "Boo to you" ghosts on the small fireplace mantle >

 < Pumpkin placemats on the kitchen table, and little fall blooms in the kitchen corner >

 < The kitchen hutch got a touch of fall decor too! >

 < Cute little ghost guys from Gram, which she used to create this fun little kitchen counter scene! >

< Orange, purple, pumpkins, and other fall figurines decorate the dining room >

Thanks again, Gram- you are the sweetest!

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