Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Basket of baked goodness

 < Pumpkin pie spice in the making >

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent some time over the weekend baking up a storm.  Part of this time in the kitchen was meant to inspire the start of this year's holiday baking (which it did, indeed), but the main reason for all of this culinary action was to create a basket of baked goods for a sweet friend's silent auction for her organization, For One Another.  Thanks to theme inspiration from both my grandmother and one of my best friends, I baked a few pumpkin treats and made a "fall themed" basket.  This included a mix of banana pumpkin bread, pumpkin cream cheese muffins, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (some plain and some with chocolate chip cookies), and rice krispy treats with reeses pieces.  Whew, all this baking really made me realize how much I do love baking!  I then wrapped everything up individually- the bread in several layers of saran wrap, the muffins in gallon baggies, the cookies in a plastic container, and the rice krispy treats in decorative treat bags- and arranged it all in a basket.  Thanks to cellophane and a big bow, the basket of baked goods was all ready for the silent auction table!

PS- The proceeds from the silent auction this basket was sent to go toward my friend's next mission trip to bring clean water to people in Ecuador.  Interested in helping?  Click here to donate now- every little bit helps!

 < My key to a stress-free baking session: keep everything sequestered to one counter! >

 < All baked and ready to be packaged: the banana pumpkin bread, the rice krispy treats with reeses pieces, and the pumpkin cream cheese muffins! >

< I love how clear cellophane can make anything look professionally wrapped!  I faked a big bow by looping the ribbon together and stapling it together, then glued a silk sunflower in the middle. When the list of 'basket of baked goodness' items was attached, this basket was ready for the bidding! >

< And because I baked a few extra portions, I was able to enjoy some pumpkin bread and a pumpkin cream cheese muffin the next morning with a cup of hot chai. Yum! >

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  1. Mmm-mmm! Your fall basket of goodies sounded so yummy - all of them! The pumpkin cream cheese muffins I shall have to try and the rice crispy treats with seasonal colored candies had me looking for a knife to cut myself a tasty treat!