Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October's 3P Tuesday Tootsies!

< A Tuesday Tootsies celebratory collage- shoes I have shared on the blog recently! >

Its a happy Tuesday Shoesday around here, people!  So many sweet 3P readers sent me pics of their shoes to be featured in today's Tuesday Tootsies post- thanks guys!  I just love posting pics of shoes, as they are one of my obsessions for sure, but also because many of you 3P readers have let me know that you love seeing these pictures too. (You can find my original 3P post with reader's shoes here, and see all 3P Tuesday Tootsies posts here.) So here's cheers to many happy feet dances today!  I am off to skip my way through this day and hope that you are too!

< Morgan's black and white patterned cuties >

< Valerie's 'Practical' 3P shoes- "after a long day at work and a trip to the gym, a little pink flair on (her) shoes is the perfect touch!" >

< Gram's sea colors to spark up a winter wardrobe- she stays warm by layering this shawl and jacket, and don't you just just love her gold studded boots?? >

< Shane's Georgia work boots- representing the guys for today's post! >

< 2 of Marguerite's favorites for fall- love the spots and the chain on the loafer! >

 < Tess' perfect-for-a-night-on-the-town blue suede beauties >

 < Natalie's key shoes for surviving midterms while living near the beach >

< Gram's cutout suede and patent Joan & David heels- she pairs these with her blue and black dress and shawl for fall- her outfit made for walking in style! >

< Elizabeth's Uggs for staying warm on a cool autumn night >

< Another of Marguerite's fall favorites- she loves this one because she is seeing shades of purple everywhere this season (I agree!) >

< Jennifer's favorite pink kicks- such a fun color! >

< Gram's same outfit for now (80-degree weather) and later (realistic fall weather)- snakeskin wedges and purse now, brown croc heels and a green jacket and purse for cooler days >

< Mel's amazingly mesmerizing wedges for the summer weather she is still experiencing! >

< And finally, your faithful 3P host's Tuesday Tootsies- what my feet are wearing: flats for a morning walk, heels for business meetings, and tennies for a workout at the gym! >


  1. One of my fav Tuesday Tootsie posts for sure. I love the mix of styles!