Monday, October 15, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

< Purple gifts + a bit of sparkle for an absolutely fabulous friend! >

Happy Monday, 3P wonderfuls!  This weekend flew by, but was full of great things, all in all- a night with the girls to celebrate a wonderful person's birthday and some great friendships, a beautifully sunny day full of errand running, baking, and cooking, a smidgen of relaxing at home, and a very successful thrifting trip.  And also, this post is my 450th 3P post- I can hardly believe that I am at this number already, and I have you wonderful readers to thank for all of your encouragement and love along the way.  I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend too, and whatever you are facing this week, make it a great one!

< A big batch of heart-healthy soup- I love soup when the weather turns cooler! >

< Beautiful Venetian glass gifts from two irreplaceable friends who both enjoyed trips to Venice this year (and were so sweet to bring me back these beauties!) >

< New (to me) treasures- and Express jacket and a perfect-for-fall corduroy LOFT skirt! >

 < Ended the weekend on the back porch watching a bright sunset fade through the trees >


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Val! Thanks so much for all your encouragement along the way!

  2. Purple is such a rich color and, I confess, I have none, none in my wardrobe, none! It's a color I admire on others but I put it on and take it off because I don't like it on me. You girls can wear it - take my turn!!
    The Venetian glass was beautiful - I wasn't sure what it was, but it is beautiful colors.
    The soup looked delicious, it's lunchtime and I'm hungry - can you send me a bowl?
    Congratulations for an interesting blog and giving all of your faithful viewers a chance to participate.

    1. Gram, I don't really own a lot of purple either- but that friend of mine sure does! We will have to take a purple picture for you! The 2 Venetian glass items are a bottle topper and a ring- you will love them! And yes, come right on over for a bowl of soup!