Thursday, November 8, 2012

Patch it through

< Adorable!  Elbow patches on warm gloves from UGG >

Lately I have been itching for sweater weather, and while it has only been one or two days of fall coolness for me, I am sure many of you on the east coast are totally experiencing cold fall days, and even snow!  What is one of my favorite trends for these winter months?  Elbow patches, believe it or not!  While they do revoke memories of literal 'old school,' there are so many new shapes, colors, and patterns that are totally on trend.  One cozy sweater + two elbow patches = 3 things to cheer you up on a cold gray day!

Edit: Also believe it or not, one of my girlfriends brought up the elbow patch popularity last night after I wrote this post, and before I even mentioned it to her- patches must be absolutely popular!

< Cozy, affordable options from ASOS (gray, black) >

< Patch it and bag it: Oneill's version, leopard patch purse >

 < Nordstrom's patch sleeve blazer is a steal at $29, and Modcloth sells a scholastic tweed jacket >

 < Love the thought of bundling up in these Modcloth sweaters (brown, black) >

1 comment:

  1. Where is the brown? Early fashion predictions were, ". . .brown is going to be THE color to have this winter!"
    But, not so - burgandy, grape, plum - are the colors I've seen, and, totally out of nowhere - houndstooth pattern everywhere.
    Good luck finding brown!