Tuesday, March 13, 2012

To the birthday girl go the spoils

< Sweet, sweet birthday cards >

As you probably know if you read this post, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I have been enjoying birthday celebrations since my big day last week.  I love any reason to celebrate, and time spent celebrating a birthday or any other cause of joy with great people always makes me so happy.  Here are some fabulous birthday gifts that I was honored to receive from family and sweet friends- I am excited to incorporate these cute clothing and accessories into upcoming outfits.  These pictures are making me smile, and I hope these bring a smile to your face today too!

< Beautiful bright birthday flowers >

< Swooning over this Kate Spade bracelet that is now mine! >

< A fun tank top and the amazing Black Karat eye shadow- I had been pining over both, and my friend totally remembered- too kind! >

 < A total 'me' bracelet from the Grandma- she totally made my day with this cuff! >

 < Busy bee earrings for this busy bee! >

< The green python smoking flats that Gram saw on the blog- I was jumping up and down when I opened this gift! >

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  1. You like your birthday to be enjoyed over and over and I'm just getting to enjoy it again with you - Particularly, Practically, (and almost Perfect except you are there and I am here)Perfect!