Monday, March 5, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

 < Part of the view enjoyed during the 10K time this weekend >

Hold on, wait a minute- I need to put a little pep in it!  I cannot believe that Monday is upon us once again.  This weekend flew by and was full of wonderful events, accomplishments, and time with loved ones (with the addition of one slight tragedy- things were stolen from my car), and I do not really want it to be over already!  This past weekend I ended a week of helping my grandmother recover after surgery, ran a 10K with my best friend, and enjoyed a few brunch meals that I could honestly eat everyday.  The sunshine was out, I made my way back to home and the hubs after too many miles and days apart, and there was much to be thankful for.  In fact, there are still many reasons to be thankful- I am going to focus on these wonderful things to get me through this week!

Whatever your plans are for this new week that is upon us, make it a great one!

< Eggs Benedict, stuffed french toast, and a healthy scramble proved to be a delicious brunch over girly conversation topics in the sunshine >

< A talented band entertained us with some songs to start an evening of local culture >

 < Bacon french toast for another weekend breakfast- bacon cooked into the waffles and served on the side- bacon gluttony delight! >

< New baubles inside- keep an eye out for their debut in upcoming outfit posts! >

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