Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY jewelry time

< The supplies that started it all... >

Sometimes, there is nothing I love more than a little craft time.  Granted, I am not the craftiest person around, but a little effort and some creativity can result in quite a nice little homemade something or another.  The other night my friends and I enjoyed some down time and attempted to make some jewelry.  That night sparked a few creative ideas, and this post shows the recent results.  What can I say- I love jewelry- and the fact that I crafted some of these pieces is just that much more fun!  I am looking forward to debuting these in upcoming outfit posts!

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< What I made on craft night with the girls: Used two different chains and a few gems to make a mixed metal necklace (which I love, but plan to add at least 2 more jewels to) and a bracelet that can also double as a necklace >

< An old sparkly bracelet, and 2 new friendship bracelets from my dear friend Carrie... With a dose of superglue I created... >

< Avery sparkly and bright, dressed-up friendship bracelet!  Looks so fun, it might become one of my new arm party favorites! (Catch a glimpse of some of my arm parties here) >

< I saw this adorable gold starfish pin in a thrift store the other day and just couldn't pass it up!  I debated about turning it in to a necklace or a ring, and the ring idea rang true.  First, I dug up an old ring to use with this cute little starfish guy... >

< Next, I snipped the back of the pin off.  This was fairly easy because 1) The pin was just glued to the starfish and 2) The glue was fairly old.  Thankfully, this step was a cinch! >

< Ta-da! With a little glue, I have myself a totally fun new ring!

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