Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wise Words

< Wonderful words to greet you by the front door >

I have been lucky enough to spend plenty of wonderful time at my grandparent's house this month, both for times of much celebration (following a successful surgery and following my birthday).  Visiting my grandma and grandpa has, and probably always will be, one of my favorite treats in life- the welcoming arms that greet you as you enter the front door, the smell of some tasty baked good or homemade food wafts through the air, and there is a sense of safety and relaxation that envelopes you.  As you wander through the rooms of this space my grandma has so thematically decorated throughout the years (and my grandpa has been so kind to help her with the handyman aspects of all that), positive words jump out at you from almost every wall- I can't help but smile when I read and re-read these inspirational quips and quotes.  I am happy to share that my grandma let me snap a few pictures of these  words around her home, so now you can see where my inspiration for words around my house came from.  And if you are looking for a few more encouraging or witty sayings in addition to what you see on this post, check this out.

< Thankful to have friends like this! >

< Service, prayer and faith in sweet needlepoint form >

< Carry a song in your heart, but also carry the songs of those you love >

< Oh so true, isn't it?? >

 < I must add this saying to my front entryway >

 < This is so totally my grandma! >

< A precious saying, that was a precious gift my grandma gave to my grandpa a few years ago >

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