Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIY tassel garland

I have found a new favorite craft to create!  This one takes a bit of time but is not difficult at all, and will provide a special touch to anywhere it is hung!  Simply grab some tissue paper in the colors you desire, and get ready to cut, twist, and glue!  

 < Step 1: gather your materials- tissue paper in your desired colors, scissors, a ruler, & string or twine >

 < Step 2: gather a few sheets of tissue paper and stack them on top of each other; fold them lengthwise (hot dog way instead of hamburger way); then cut this piece in half >

 < Step 3: cut your strips in whatever width you desire, leaving about 1.5" at the top >

 < Step 4: unfold your sheet to reveal the uncut center section >

 < Step 5: roll each individual sheet at the middle/uncut section; the twist this rolled section on itself >

 < Step 6: fold this rolled/twisted section in half to create your tassel >

 < Step 7: arrange your tassels in the order you want them hun on your string; plan to space them about 2" apart on your string; use hot glue to secure each tassel to your string, and your DIY tassel garland in born! >

< This DIY tassel garland I made decorated the dessert bar at my best friend's wedding! >


  1. This was so fun and whimsical in person. Just loved it!

    1. Thanks Val!! If you want one for an event, just let me know!! :-) xo