Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wonders from the weekend

< Passing through the CA capital on a little road trip >

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!  It is hard to believe that Memorial Day 2013 has come and gone, and now June is right around the corner!  On this Tuesday that feels like a Monday, the 3-day weekend many of us just enjoyed has me still wishing that every weekend was at least 3 days long.    We filled our last weekend of May with a graduation celebration, a quick road trip to visit with friends, BBQ time, a few birthday celebrations, and way too much good food.  It was truly a great weekend filled with many wonderful memories.  Hope all you 3P wonderfuls have a great short week!

< Motorcycle in the sky during dinner with friends at Freebirds >

< Cheered for a sweet friend during her graduation ceremony >

< Yes, I am pretty much always like a little kid... >

< Saw this amazing side car getup on the road home, and the man and I may have sparked some plans as a result of spotting this >

< Simple DIY decorations for Memorial Day with mason jars and supplies from the Dollar Tree >

< A basket of fresh produce and a tray of homemade cupcakes for a birthday party BBQ >

< Simple little setup for an easy Bloody Mary brunch with the girls >

< Jack the Attack Kitten all curled up on a cool, rainy night >

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