Thursday, May 23, 2013

My May Birchbox

< a box full of joy >

I always jump for joy when something fun arrives in the mail!  A great magazine or catalog, or in this case, a box full of beauty goodies, sure beats all those white envelopes you may dread opening!  Here is a peek into the goodies that arrived in my Birchbox this month.  I have yet to utilize any of these goods, but you can be sure that I will in the next few days, before this month of May is over!

 < sitting pretty >

 < the packaging by Birchbox is always so neat, colorful, and cute! >

 < sunscreen by COOLA, which will come in handy for sunny summer days; AMIKA hair mask- I am looking forward to trying my first hair mask!; and MARVIS toothpaste, perfect for travel! >

< a neat little eyeliner pencil by Sum!ta that I cannot wait to try!  My biggest hint for eyeliner pencils? Blast your hair dryer on warm on the tip of the pencil for a few seconds, to soften the product a little for lining and smudging >

< Fabulous by Isaac Mizrahi- fruity and totally alluring! >

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