Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wonders from the weekend

< Fabulous 'grown up' food at game night with fun friends! >

This weekend went by way too fast, and I am set on thinking that weekends should always be three days long!  The sunshine and heat was wonderful to be out and about in, but cold drinks were definitely necessary for enjoying the summer-like weather.  The man and I enjoyed a slightly competitive game session with friends which made for a super fun night, I escaped some responsibilities and snuck away to wine country with my bestie, a new delicious Itialian restaurant was discovered, church was nurturing and wonderful as always, toddlers tugged at my hair while I helped out in Sunday school, and progress on a few back yard improvement projects was made.  Quite a wonderful weekend, all in all!  Monday is off to a busy start as usual, but I am going to make this a great week (3P style, of course!) just like I hope all you are planning to do!

 < how.stinkin'.cute are these homemade snails on a log snacks?! >

 < spotted some classic beauties at a race in wine country >

 < rigatoni with homemade, baked meatballs- my taste buds melted! >

< the start of the new patio area- laying stones in a proper pattern is obviously one of my skills! >

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