Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Noodles for all!

< Enticing entry >

Exploring new territory is one of my favorite activities on life, and this is true even regarding new restaurants near my little suburb. I was recently introduced to what is now my new favorite restaurant by one of my sweetest friends, an do cannot get over its deliciousness! Noodles & Company is not just noodles- they offer pasta dishes from around the world, plus soups, salads, sandwiches, and the most amazing soda machine you will ever use. Are you a vegetarian, on a gluten- free track, or have any other dietary specifications? No problem- everything at Noodles & Company is totally customizable! Take a look at some of the deliciousness I got to enjoy at my local Noodles & Company the other day, and find one near you here to try out soon!

 < Amazingly delicious appetizers with fresh asparagus (the veggie they use on these changes so it aligns just perfectly with the season) >

< A tasty salad and two noodle dishes- these were Japanese pan noodles and Bangkok Curry, but we got to sample a little of almost every other noodle dish too! >

 < Taste testing with best of friends is the best! >

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