Monday, May 13, 2013

Wonders from the weekend

< Beautiful sunset to welcome in the weekend >

Happy Monday, 3P lovelies! Can you believe we are already approaching the middle of May? This past weekend was jammed packed full of busy-ness and loads of celebrations with loved ones. Life is always so great on the weekends, and who wouldn't agree that we need an extra day between Saturday and Sunday? I will be on the road this week hopping from one thing to the next, so be sure to follow me on Instagram (@3Pprettyblog) for all the traveling 3P fun!

< Outfit planning for a Mother's Day celebration >

< Great view of one of my favorite bridges >

< Planted a few new little plants in the backyard, between 2 rosebushes that are about to explode with blooms >

< Heritage dishes during Mother's Day lunch with the family >

< I always appreciate a good thematic balloon... and check out the green sparkles in those roses! >

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