Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY ideas

I have been doing a little bit of spring cleaning here and there almost every day as of late, and somehow these egg cartons, apple container, and wine bottles have made the cut.  I am not trying to be a hoarder (trust me, these items are stored neatly on a shelf), but I just have urged myself to not toss these items into the recycle bin yet, as I have some creative ideas for how to turn these used items into handy DIY projects.  As it turns out, one woman's trash may end up being her treasure, too!  I have yet to complete any DIY projects with these used items, but I will happily share the end results, once accomplished, on the blog so be sure to stay tuned for that!

Tell me, what is your latest DIY?  Please share! Do you have any other clever ideas for reusing these few items of mine?

 < Old egg cartons... >
 < New egg carton tricks!  This egg ain't bad! >

< Container that used to store apples... >
< Could be used to transport cupcakes, store Christmas ornaments, or keep yarn organized. >

< Empty wine bottles... >
< Could become outdoor lighting, decorative vases, candle holders of differing heights, a glowing tabletop display, or a helpful plant waterer... >

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* Photo collages created by me using images from Pinterest; all other photos my own

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  1. Good ideas for storage and lighting!