Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Patterns, repeated

< Spots on spots on spots- polka dots! >

I enjoy looking through my closet and pulling out items already in there that are ‘on-trend’ with current styles.  Lately, thanks to some of my favorite style magazines and many of the fashionable bloggers after there, I have been glad to find new inspiration for some of the not-so new items in my wardrobe.  And do any of you 3p readers get that “Hey, I could make that outfit!” excitement when you see someone else’s outfit and realize how you can remix items in your closet to create your own version of that outfit?  This 3P girl does, for sure!!  Here are some currently popular patterns I have found- in multiples- in my closet.  Now, back to those spring fashion articles!

< Floral fashion-ation >

< Tiny take on the tribal trend >

< Stripes, stripes, and more stripes! >

1 comment:

  1. Finding patterns you love 'come back' is WONDERFUL! And putting them together to catch the spirit of the NEW wardrobe look is exciting!
    Thanks for the inspiration!