Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sweet joy treats

When I saw these on Pinterest the other day, I knew I would have to give them a try. Homemade Almond Joy bites?  Yes please!  I am a sucker for chocolate and easy recipes, and these were fairly simple and easy (although sticky) to make. I gathered my supplies, and within 10 minutes had homemade almond joy candies at my fingertips. I will definitely divide these into smaller portions in the future, but boy-oh-boy were these sweet and tasty! (A cold glass of milk was definitely necessary) Tell me, what are your favorite sweet treats to make in no time flat?

 < Just a few ingredients for this very sweet treat >

 < Instead of forming individual squares one at a time, I layered the coconut mix onto a baking sheet and separated it into squares there >

< Drenched in chocolate and drying with an almond on top! >


  1. Nom nom. Almomd Joy is my favorite candy bar. Coconut, almonds , and chocolate. What can be better?

    1. I love Almond Joys too!! Tropical chocolate bliss wherever you are!

  2. Hello??? Share the love neighbor! hehehe! looking good betty crocker.

  3. For easy treats - kalua cake sprinkled with powdered sugar just before serving - always a winner!

  4. Meghan- sorry to not be neighborly with those treats... next time (when I have those perfected), expect some sweet treats on your doorstep! :-)

    Gram- yummm!! Kahlua cake is so delicious! This will have to show up in a post sometime soon!