Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Into the blue

< Blue jewelry makes my arm and neck parties a blast! >

Navy, cobalt, royal, sky, azure, you name it- I love blue!  I always find myself wanting to add more of this hue into my life- in my house, my closet, my everyday life... you name it.  Blue makes me happy- so now you know, even when I am singin' the blues, its just the happy sort of blues.  Like all the happy blues in today's post!

 < Classic denim jacket and light blue stripes are some of my current favorites >

 < A wristlet DIY disaster that I have yet to figure out how I am going to remedy this >

 < Sharpies in shades of blue for writing spring notes >

< Two of my favorite polishes hanging with these kissing ducks >


  1. I think that 'diy disaster' is awesome! It's a cool look! What were you going for, because the outcome is awesome!

  2. Would a word in individual letters (raised) be a solution?

  3. Sarah, it was supposed to be little polka dots! But the glitter ended up sticking everywhere, even were there was no glue! Maybe I should do a raised word, Gram- great idea!