Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter time decorations

< Duck, duck, bunny in the front hallway >

While it is slightly hard to believe that April is already here, it is also surprising that Easter is upon us as well!  When I took down the St. Patrick's Day decorations the other day, I was happy to put out Easter decorations, but shocked myself when I realized Easter was in fact right around the corner.  Although these are all basically the same decorations that I used last year, having these sweet spring decorations hanging around our house puts a smile on my face.  I mean, what is cuter than little chicks, bunnies and lambs in the springtime?  To celebrate Easter this year, we are headed on a little road trip to spend time with family, and then headed back to spend time with local family- it should be a great Easter weekend! Hope that yours is 'hoppin' with blessings and fun!

< A sweet bunny and a spring bouquet greet guests by the front door >

< This garland is egg-actly perfect for our helplessly shallow hearth ledge >

< Spring-makeover for the kitchen counter >

 < Lambs, eggs, egg cups, and egg candles decorate a ledge in the kitchen- there is also an egg plate from my childhood on display >

< Kitchen details- a bunny "Welcome" sign on a corner wall, and an egg-tree on the kitchen bar >

 < A treasured glass basket (gifted to me by one of my grandma's friends) holds decorative eggs and adds Easter flair to the table setting >

< A family of bunnies on a side table, and bird and bunny couples on a shelf >

 < Springtime friends with a nice bright snack >

And just so you know, I am hoping to make these two Easter crafts before this weekend:


  1. So many cute bunnies, chicks, birds to help celebrate Easter but the one thing I missed this year was dying Easter eggs. Since there are no little ones in the family, dying eggs, Easter baskets and hiding and hunting the decorated eggs has gone from our Easter celebration. But we still enjoy the chocolate covered marshellow eggs by Russell Stover. Though now there are lots of chocolate covered eggs filled with a variety of 'new' flavors I still prefer the marshmellow filled ones the most.

  2. Thanks Valerie!! You know I love a good festive house for every season!

    Gram, I missed dying eggs and hiding them for an Easter egg hunt too! But nom-nom-nom for chocolate covered marshmallow eggs!