Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Say cheese

I love me some cheese- almost any kind of cheese.  But it is Tillamook cheddar that is around this 3P house most often, because 'no cheese beats Tillamook in my book!'  When I saw this recipe, I knew I would have to give it a try.  I substituted a few things (sliced turkey instead of pancetta, whole cranberry sauce and honey mustard instead of listed ingredients) to make an easy, delicious weeknight meal with what was on hand.  And I almost forgot to add the apple slices, but I was so glad to remember those at the last minute- they were a perfect crunchy component.  Let me tell you, these grilled sandwiches were delicious and so filling, to boot.  Almost like a gourmet sandwich shop stopped by to serve us dinner.  Totally like lick-your-fingers-clean tasty good!  This grilled creation will definitely be in the 3P dinner rotation from now on!

 < Slicing the baby loaf with my fantastic cheese-slicing tool! >

< All grilled up- cheddar, cranberry sauce, apple slices, & turkey tucked in a croissant- deliciousness! >

 < Salads and salt & pepper chips supplement the grilled cheeses- dinner is served >


  1. Is this your own concoction? It looks and sounds DELISHIOSO! Will try it this week! Question - did you use a paninni grill?