Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

What an amazing year this has been- 2013 has flown by but has been filled with so many amazing moments and wonderful celebrations.  Thank you all for your support here on the 3P blog- it is so great to be able to share all the small things in life that make me so happy and know that you 3P lovelies enjoy reading about these little things!  Here's a snapshot of joy from this past year.  Now, cheers to 2014, which is sure to be an even more incredible year!

< Celebrated my BFFs' bachelorette weekend with DIYs and decorations >

< Created some fun decorations and games to celebrate at my best friend's bridal shower >

< Got spoiled with a brand new kitchen >

< One of my most favorite DIY projects- this egg carton garland >

< Obsessed with these new weekly obsessed posts... >

< ... and these new Desire or Acquire posts >

< Shared a peek of our maternity shoot photos >

Psssssst!  Looking to make a last minute donation this year?  Support some great organizations- For One Another and 1040i- and get your tax credit benefit this year by donating today!

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