Friday, September 23, 2011

Obsessed: New site treasures!

Happy Friday, everyone!  What a busy, long week this has been!  I feel like I have been walking around like a zombi for the past couple of days, but thankfully chai and smiles have helped me make it through successfully.  Some exciting new treasures arrived in the mail during this crazy week (and they really cheered me up!), so be sure to keep an eye out on my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter for some fun updates.  As we head into the weekend (thankfully!) I am happy to share with you a few new websites I have recently discovered which have drawn me back time and time again (this definitely equals a new obsession or two).  Many of these sites were revealed to me thanks to fabulous bloggers and wonderful friends.  Hope you have as much fun as I did perusing through these pages!

 < The totally drool-worthy necklaces from Spike the Punch >

 < Romantic plate from Paloma's Nest- great place to score loving gifts >

< I would beg, borrow, (but not steal) for any one of these beautiful Katherine Kwel handbags! >

< For the thematic-obsessed decorators like my self, The Macbeth Collection has many options for personalized patterns on great storage and decorative items >


  1. 1: This week has been way too draining... this is why I resort back to my desire to be a "vampire"... haha!
    2: chai lattes have been keeping me alive!
    3: I LOVE ALL THE fun stuff above!

  2. 1 <3 you, Meghan! Vampire discussions, chai, and all of the fun stuff we always have to talk about is always awesome!