Friday, September 30, 2011

Obsessed: History in the Decorating

While I am not a dedicated fan of decorating with tons of knick-knacks, gold tones, or opulence everywhere, there is something about the historical influence inside fashion designer Andrew Gn's Paris apartment that has me googly-eyed and obsessed.  The richness of the color palette in each room lends itself to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.  The displays of porcelain and portraiture from throughout the ages is inspirational in its own right to giving one a profound sense of respect and pride.  The gold and crystal elements found in the chandeliers as well as the metallic effect provided by other lighting and decor features in each space add a sense of glamour that seems to be entirely comfortable.  All in all, Gn has amassed somewhat of a museum-worthy collection of antiques and surrounded himself with this collection in his home in a personal and totally livable way.  After all, isn't this the best way to live- surrounding ourself with the things we love?

Hope you have a great weekend planned for yourself, filled with the things you love!

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