Monday, September 19, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

< Beautiful sunset to kick off the weekend >

Well, I don't know about you, but for me this past weekend just flew by!  It was filled with some fun times with friends, some very productive work time around the house, and a chance or two to enjoy some down time and smile about the small things in life that make you smile.  This week is going to be incredibly busy, so I will be thankful for the energy that this weekend gave me for the slammed weekdays that are approaching.  Hope you had a great weekend and are ready to embrace this week ful force!

 < Softball tournament with an exciting win! >

< Sign in a downtown street near my home that always reminds me of my hometown >

< Lovely view of a street antique fair with lots of treasures! >

< New camera... it was love at first sight! >

< Little fall goodies- sweet gifts from my grandma! >


  1. Love keeping up with your posts but, best of all, is spending time together in person:)

  2. Gram, I love that you read this blog!! But you're right, time together is the best! :-)