Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seize the Day

Dinning out with friends is one of my favorite treats in life.  Let's face it- a meal prepared by someone else always tastes better, and its a great thing when you are not responsible for meal clean-up, right?  That being said, know that I greatly appreciate all of the staff that put so much work and effort into providing fine dining experiences.  I thoroughly enjoyed time with friends at Carpe Diem, where much laughter was had and delicious fare was enjoyed.  In the event that this week was too busy to cook any of the fall recipes I am wanting to bake and make, I thought that the treats enjoyed at Carpe Diem would make for a fine food post today.  I hope you aren't too hungry when you read this, because looking at these pictures makes me hungry!

< Great wine but not what any of us ever want to be! >

 < The tipsy peach >

 < House fries- my new most-favorite fries ever! >

< The Mediterranean Flatbread- anything with artichokes is great in my book! >

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