Friday, September 2, 2011

Obsessed: Summer

 < Backyard barbecues with a view of nature's beauty >

Happy Friday, everyone!  I won't lie- even though today is the second day of September, I still feel that summer is  continuing.  It may be that the weather is still so warm around my area, or that August is just a few days prior, but I am convinced to convince everyone else that as long a weather permits, we should just continue celebrating summer activities.  Thus, my obsession with boating, being outdoors, vacations, and BBQs continues- hence the photos in this post; all pictures of awesome memories from this past summer.  Tell me, what are some of your favorite memories from this years' summer months?  Did the summer months just fly right on by, or was it me?

Whatever you have planned for yourself, have a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!

 < At the first of (what I hope) will be many blogger events! >

< Time at and on my favorite lake in California >

 < Outdoor concerts with good sound and great weather >

 < Time in the Tahoe Keyes... ahhh, the view!! >

 < Watermelon... the tastiest treat of the whole summer! >

 < Whale watching in Alaska... can not be beat! >

< Trees near the City of Trees... beautiful! >


  1. The grey and white dress is very attractive!

    . . .It WAS a wonderful summer!

  2. Thanks Gram- that dress is a wrap dress and is very comfortable! Since we are still having warm weather, doesn't it still feel a bit like summer in the middle of October??