Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

< Fir trees against the backdrop of a beautiful blue sky >

Wow, how are we already past Labor Day this year?  The long weekend flew by, but was filled with so much time with good friends, and lots of wonderful memories were made.  I caught up with an awesome friend from college at a girls' dinner on Friday, and we all enjoyed celebrating the birthday of one of our sweetest friends.  The rest of the weekend was spent in the Tahoe Donner area, enjoying the smell of the mountain air, the beautiful days full of sunshine, and the current of the Truckee River.  Speaking of that river, (which we decided should be the local of an annual river float), it stole my camera, soaked my phone, and left me with some very purple bruises after I fell into the shallow, rocky-bottomed water.  The good news is I have lived to laugh about it, my phone survived (for the most part), and I will get to enjoy finding a new small camera to love and call my own.  All in all, a great weekend- can't wait to do a weekend like that again!

Whatever your plans are for this short week, I hope you have a great one!

< Decadently chocolate cake pops from girls' night >

< So easy to make new friends on a river float! >

 < Some very sweet deals on snowboarding gear as seen at a sidewalk sale >

< Delicious way to end a great weekend >

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