Monday, September 12, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

< Incredible sunset over the water >

Well, finally... here is the regular post for today!  For some reason the past few weeks of my life have been filled with so many technological challenges, hence the sorrow I feel for not being able to post my regular posts on this blog!  But good news, these things will all be fixed soon: computer, internet service, phone, and camera!  Despite the technology failures in the recent times, the past few weekends have been amazing enough to make me realize that there are so many other things besides electronics to be thankful for in life.  This past weekend my husband and I headed out to a local lake for a few camping days with some great friends.  I am not the best camper ever, as dirt and grime are not my favorite buddies.  However, the bonding time with our friends, time on the water in the sunshine, surviving a random hurricane-like storm, and indulging in camp food from an awesome grill made this camping experiences one of my favorite.  Through this long and busy week ahead, I will find comfort and cheer in remembering the wonderful weekend of camping that I truly enjoyed.

< One of the games we have had the most fun playing this summer! >

< Hamburger patties on our friends' new super cool grill >

< A heart-attack hamburger: double patty, bacon cheesburger deliciousness >

< A blazing fire in the evening, perfect for roasting marshmallows >

< Red, white, and blue waving in the sky on September 11th, at a Patriot Day event >

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